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From years of working with non-profits and charities, I’ve learned a thing or two. Instead of gate-keeping this knowledge, I want to help you help others! I’ve compiled an ever-evolving list of some of the top tips I can give you to help you on your mission to make this world a better place.

Social Media

Link in bio: Linktree

  • Some social media platforms (Instagram particlulary) make it difficult to share links. Sometimes you also want a central directory of links to make it easy for your supporters to navigate to key pages.
  • Linktree is a great option to put a permanent link in your bio that leads off to customizable link directory. Linktree gives non-profits & charities a Pro account for life for free.
  • This is the best way to share links on your social media accounts with a professional and branded interface. Make sure you remove the Linktree logo and personalize it to your brand.
  • Learn more & apply:

Graphics & social media scheduling: Canva for Nonprofits

  • Canva offers a free Pro account for non-profits/charities or social-impact organizations.
  • This is an easy-to-use platform for designing graphics for digital or print use. They also have a built-in social media scheduling platform to easily schedule your social posts ahead of time.
  • Learn more & apply:


  • Apparel: Bonfire
    • An apparel fundraising platform that takes care of the printing and shipping so all you have to do is upload your design (created on Canva!) and share with your network.
    • I have personally raised hundreds of dollars on this platform for non-profits.
    • Learn more & apply:
  • Calendars:
    • Calendar templates are available on Canva; just insert your own photos and personalize it to your brand
    • Print with your local printers; inquire about a non-profit discount. If you are in the Vancouver, BC, area, ClubCard is high-quality and they have a great non-profit discount program.
    • With the right profit margins, calendar fundraisers can be very successful. Every year I run a couple and they always make $$!

Communications & Tech

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