Coral’s Reef

Full service design - from interior design, to brand development, content creation, and website.

Coral's Reef is a charter sailboat business based in the Caribbean. They wanted a young, adventurous, and tropical feeling, cohesive throughout the physical boat and their online presence.

Custom Designs, Sourcing + Staging

For this project, the client wanted me to outfit the entire boat. I sourced everything from the linens to the dishes. I designed custom coral pattern pillows to tie each room together, as well as branded rugs and doormats.


For the branding, the client wanted to incorporate a piece of coral. I created a simplified coral so it would be scalable to a variety of sizes and easily recognizable.

Website Design + Development

I designed and built a colourful and fun website to stand out from their competition of stuffy and pretentious charter boats.

We also focused a lot of attention on the SEO as their is a lot of competition in this industry.

Content Creation

  • Photography + videography (web + social media)
  • Blog posts

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