Wildlife Rescue

Graphic Design & Communications

Designed assets for use in digital and print campaigns, conducted research, wrote and edited content, and managed social media accounts. Provided the public with education on mitigating wildlife emergencies; built awareness on common wildlife issues; grew the brand following by creating engaging and valuable content through blogs, emails and compelling web and social media content.

Digital Media Management

Created a digital media strategy based on Wildlife Rescue’s goals and target audience.

  • Maintained social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Created content, resources, and digital assets for the website


  • Audience increased by 106% in one year
  • Engagements increased by 184% in one year
  • Website traffic increased by 190% in one year

Creative Campaigns

  • Designed and produced an annual calendar
  • Designed and produced various newsletters, digital and printed advertisements

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