Abandoned Rabbits

A passion project.

Abandoned Rabbits is an organization dedicated to tracking abandoned rabbits around North America. We aim to bring awareness and educate the public on the issue of pet rabbit abandonment. Rabbits are the third most popular pet, and the third most abandoned. While there are plenty of organizations dedicated to rescuing abandoned dogs and cats, rabbits are often left forgotten. We want to change that.

Website Design + Development

As this was a brand new organization, I had to develop all assets – from branding to website design and development.

I designed and built the website from scratch (HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress). I aimed to create an intuitive website full of valuable and educational resources.

Content Creation


This project involved extensive research to compile a thorough resource page listing all the known rabbit rescues (work in progress), and useful links, as well as producing educational blog posts.

Blog Post Examples:


I have been working with fellow animal welfarists throughout North America to bring attention to various feral rabbit colonies and their associated rescue efforts.

I run the organization’s instagram page where I feature abandoned and rescue rabbit stories in an effort to highlight the large scale issue and build compassion.

Search Engine Optimization

Through a link-building campaign, and by focusing on targeted keywords, I have been able to increase domain and page authority and improve SEO. I continue to create blog content in order to remain relevant and become a leader on the topic of domestic rabbit abandonment.

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