Abandoned rabbits

Shining a light on a largely ignored issue

Free-ranging domestic and feral (domestic rabbits born in the wild) are a huge issue in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and beyond (see Las Vegas and Cannon Beach), yet it's widely unknown to the general public. Most people see a rabbit in the wild and assume they're meant to be there, that they must be wild. Sadly, this could not be further from the truth. Domestic rabbits aren't made for a life in the wild.

I have been working with fellow animal welfarists throughout North America to bring attention to various feral rabbit colonies and their associated rescue efforts through photography, blog posts, and content creation.


Living in urban environments, competing with native wildlife while dodging cars and predators. This is no life for a domestic pet rabbit.

Website design + development

Abandoned Rabbits – an organization developed to raise awareness of this issue – required everything from branding to website design and development. I aimed to create an intuitive website full of valuable and educational resources, as well as an interactive tracking portal taking user-submitted sightings of abandoned pet rabbits for rabbit rescuers and other animal advocates to use to provide rescue resources.


Abandoned pet rabbits who have found their way into the loving arms of animal rescuers and are now living out their days in a sanctuary.

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