Volunteer digital media specialist

Rabbitats is a registered Charity dedicated to rescuing abandoned and feral rabbits. I have been volunteering my services for this group since 2013.

Website Overhaul

When I started volunteering for Rabbitats they had an outdated and very overwhelming website. I did a complete overhaul of the website, creating a more user-friendly experience. I continue to volunteer my services and am continuously updating and improving their website.


Photography for social media, website content, as well as our yearly calendar fundraising project.

Fundraising Campaigns

As a passionate animal lover (and bunny momma myself), I brought it upon myself to run multiple fundraising campaigns to raise much-needed funds for Rabbitats.

Bunny Lover

The Bunny Lover campaign was my first, and most successful, apparel campaign. I sold over 100 sweatshirts/t-shirts to fans across North America raising over $2,000.


I created my first photo calendar for Rabbitats in 2018 and have produced a calendar annually since, raising over $6,000 to date (as of 2021). I did the photography myself for 2018 and 2019, but from 2020 onwards I have worked with a local photographer to produce the calendars.

"Sasha Rink has volunteered for our rabbit rescue project for over [six] years now and during that time she has been one of most valuable members, taking on both lead and subordinate roles with no questions or complaints, accomplishing everything we've asked of her. She has consistently been reliable, helpful, friendly and compassionate and exceptionally easy to work with."

Sorelle Saidman, Founder of Rabbitats

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