Website Overhaul

When I started volunteering for Rabbitats they had an outdated and very overwhelming website. I did a complete overhaul of the website, creating a more user-friendly experience. I continue to volunteer my services and am continuously updating and improving their website.


Photography for social media, website content, as well as our yearly calendar fundraising project.

Fundraising Campaigns

As a passionate animal lover (and bunny momma myself), I brought it upon myself to run multiple fundraising campaigns to raise much-needed funds for Rabbitats.

Bunny Lover

The Bunny Lover campaign was my first, and most successful, apparel campaign. I sold over 100 sweatshirts/t-shirts to fans across North America raising over $2,000.


I created my first photo calendar for Rabbitats in 2018 and have produced a calendar annually since, raising over $6,000 to date (as of 2021). I did the photography myself for 2018 and 2019, but from 2020 onwards I have worked with a local photographer to produce the calendars.